Here are a few of the projects I’m active in.


These are vehicles for my original material, songs heavily influenced by my pre-occupation with the 70s: funky grooves, crunchy guitars, rich vocal harmonies, and lots of words.

Rachel Drew And The Bitter Roots

Rachel Drew is a mesmerizing singer and writer with a supergroup backing her: Steve Dawson, Gerald Dowd, and Alton Smith . . . I’m lucky to be a member of this constellation.

Crumbs Off The Table

A side project of singer/writer/multi-instrumentalist Andrea Bunch, Crumbs Off the Table recorded the album Ever-Changing Hours. We have been on hiatus since the death of bass player Mike Mann, but we will play these songs again; stay tuned.

Rockwell Crossing

This is a band led by writer/singer/guitarist David Argentieri, Chicago’s answer to Steve Earle—dark, compassionate songs delivered with twang and crunch.

Little Queens

Little Queens performing at City Winery Chicago

This is a Heart tribute band, and, if I may say, probably the best one you’ll hear, due to the strength of the vocals and the tightness of the arrangements. Led by Congress of Starlings’ Andrea Bunch and Aerin Tedesco, Little Queens plays the summer festival circuit and selected gigs the rest of the year. We typically participate in the annual Covers for Cover benefit.


An offshoot of sorts of Little Queens, Strider plays Led Zeppelin, mostly from the Houses of the Holy/Physical Graffiti era. No wigs or Marshall stacks—just the songs delivered with power and passion, fueld by the drumming of Benji Sheffler and the vocals of Andrea Bunch.

Great Moments In Vinyl

I sometimes participate in this ongoing project spearheaded by bassist/storyteller/impresario/radio personality William Lindsey Cochran, and usually appearing at Martyrs’. The performances typically include two entire albums tied to a narrative describing the creation of the records and the journey of the artists. My performances in the series have included David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin, and even Buckingham Nicks, as well as upcoming dates featuring the music of the Rolling Stones and Prince.